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Genex Direct Contests
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Have you been looking for a way to increase the exposure of your business and its product and services? Running a contest campaign is a smart and effective way to accomplish both things while also generating new leads, mailing list subscribers, social media followers and good will.

Genex Direct contests is a unique service offering; we not only construct your contest campaigns for your business – we manage all the details during the contest period right up to the final drawing of winner(s)! Here are just a few featured of our contest package offerings:

We Take Care of the Tech

Do not fret about the setup, configuration
and technical operation of your contest:

  • Display your campaign directly in your existing website, or, choose to have us build you a portal for your contest. Users can share your contest link via email, social or official marketing website.
  • Do you already have a lot of traffic to your website? Prompt your site visitors to participate in your campaigns with our website popup option.
  • We can even install your campaign as an app for your Facebook page and collect participation directly from social sites.

Whatever the case, we take care of
all the technical details.

Promotion & Marketing

A contest is a great idea – but how can you be sure you are reaching as many people as possible? Leave it to us:

  • Design graphics and visuals to be used in your contest promotion to be used on social media, your website, email, posters and more.
  • Reach thousands of people who can enter your contest through Facebook, Instagram and your customer/mailing list. Enhance your campaign by utilizing our partner network for even more exposure!

Make your promotion a success by tapping into our talented team using proven strategies to maximize your exposure.

Contest Ideas

What kind of contest should you run? The sky is the limit:

  • Contests: Everything you need to collect, curate, and display user generated content. Display approved photos and videos in galleries and even run contests with judging and voting.
  • Giveaways: Gather entries, motivate participants to share, and easily select random or specific winners. Our marketing tools help you make branded giveaway campaigns that power promotional reach while inspiring audiences to engage with your goals.
  • Polls: Solicit feedback from your fans and let them vote and share in a poll. Completely customize your poll with unlimited choices and a design that matches your branding and goals. Tailor your poll by incorporating videos, images, and text options.
  • Quizzes & Trivia: Gamify your marketing, get valuable user feedback, and create an interactive experience your audience will love.
  • Coupons: Make one-per-person coupons for retail, ecommerce, and in-game digital key codes.
  • Brackets: Let your participants fill out brackets, then score them and show leaderboards. Create brackets of 4 to 64 choices your audience can complete in one or more rounds. You can also score your bracket entries and display leaderboards.
  • Instant Wins: Set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to win a prize instantly. Automatically award multiple different prizes based on odds you set. Allow non winners to try again after a configurable time period.

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