Let's Get Growing

Branding & Logo Design

From the smallest retail shop to the largest hotel franchise, branding matters. It’s how customers perceive you. Interact with you. Feel about you. And when a customer feels good about your brand, they are more inclined to buy.

Logo Design

Your logo is the starting point of a company brand. But you could go anywhere to have a logo designed, so why come to us? Because at Genex Marketing, we believe we are doing more than creating a sparkling image. We are laying the foundation for a strategy.

We provide:

  • High-resolution digital versions of your logo for use in print, web, embroidery, billboards, etc.
  • Established rules, such as the font and colour pallette, on how the brand is to be portrayed.
  • Final brand standards document to be used by media partners, creative agencies and your staff.
  • If applicable, showcase examples of your branding in advertising on print and web.

Building Your Brand

Getting your brand image out there is the next step. At Genex Marketing, we love to build long-term relationships with professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to take their advertising to the next level.